Boosting has never been an easy task in online games, especially when you haven’t played a game and are unaware of technical mumbo-jumbo. Cause of this, most players are looking for ways to rank up in the online games given the better rank one has, the better-skilled player you would go up against, and i.e., what any regular player wants.

CS2 Ranks

The moment you talk about the game wherein boosting the rank is quite hard is none other than Counter-Strike: 2. One of the very reason why most people can be seen searching for best CS2 guides where boosting is explained so that they may rank up in this game.

You must know

There are generally two known ways using which you may jump to the very next rank. That includes you may use to boost the Elo and hence jump higher in rank. Also, there are several unknown, wide classifications for distinct ranks in a game based on the Elo scores of distinct players, and the second factor that goes on to affect the Elo is Round Win/Loss and MVP.

Having said, the following are the things that affect the Elo points:

  • Rank and Current Elo Points
  • Loss /Round Win
  • MVPs Gained

Besides, just to clear the misconceptions, these are the things that don’t affect the Elo points:

  • Assists & Deaths, Kills
  • Suicides or Teamkills
  • Accuracy
  • Headshots
  • knife kills, grenades kill, stylish kills
  • The time that each round takes (either to win or lose)
  • Winning /Losing with or without a bomb being planted
  • Score or Scoreboard position
  • Final Words

    Hopefully, this guide will throw light on the CS2 rank boost and you may get rank higher using the trick.